August 24th, 2009



Shortpacked!: Hope he's not the jealous type!

Years ago, I once joked that Walky and Joyce couldn't get married until I did.

I'm cutting it pretty close! Just as Maggie and I are gearing up for our real life marriage in September, in members-only Joyce and Walky!, Walky and Joyce are experiencing the early morning of their fictional marriage. I'm sort of glad it worked out this way. I'm sort of feeling it for real as I'm cranking these strips out. I will be where they are in less than a month! Well, minus the alien fights and alternate universe travelers.

(And I am cranking these strips out, due to sheer necessity. Being at all those conventions really backlogged me, and I'm cramming to get August's allotment of strips done before the end of the month! Woof.)

But this is a labor of love! I want to make sure everything's perfect. Full-page strips! A cast of hundreds, plus a few surprises along the way. It'll take a few months of strips to complete the story, which safely puts Walky and Joyce's actual time-of-marriage long after Maggie and I's, true to my original "promise."

Drop me a paypal donation of $2 or more, and you can read this month's strips! As I said, I'm behind on them, but I'll get caught up soon enough. And I promise, it'll be a heck of a ride!

Meanwhile, on the Shortpacked! forum, Kumata and Frustrated Pilot are having some jolly fun editing Amber's last line from Monday's strip into other panels. They amuse me greatly. Please go inspect their efforts! I think the Roadblock one is my favorite.