August 23rd, 2009


Evil half-naked terrorist orthodontist.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Ethan has momentarily forgotten BotCon Arcee's function.
Shortpacked!: Let the smutty fanart begin... now.  

I've been craving a new Dr. Mindbender figure from the 25th Anniversary line for the past two years, and they only just barely squeezed him out.  The wave he was gonna be in was canceled, but thankfully Hasbro took him and the other leftovers and made two web-exclusive seven-packs of figures.  So, yeah, I totally bought an entire seven-pack just to get Dr. Mindbender.  Graham'll probably grab most of the remainder, but either way, I had to get Dr. Mindbender, no matter the cost.

See, he's really the epitome of why Cobra is hilarious and awesome to me.  Dr. Mindbender was originally Dr. Binder, a friendly family orthodontist who accidentally set his brain to "evil" while experimenting with a device he hoped would spare his patients pain.  So of course, he starts wearing as little clothing as possible, joins a terrorist organization, and builds an emperor in a ridiculous snake costume from stolen DNA. 

It just makes sense!

Since this Dr. Mindbender figure is mostly borrowed parts, there are a few elements from the original toy that he's missing.  The strange purple gauntlets, for example, are now just bare arms, and the strange snake-like codpiece is gone.  Also, his art shows him with this awesome dentist drill.  He does not come with this.  He just gets some sort of antenna gun thing.  Damn.

He is, however, still mostly naked.  That is what is paramount.