August 19th, 2009


Who's your Destro?


So I finally decided to open my San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive Destro set.  This one came with two Destros!  Two!  First, we got James McCullen IX, who traded weapons to both France and Spain and was forced to wear an iron mask when caught.  The first Destro!  (He's the guy in the first scene of the GIJOE movie.)

The second is James McCullen XXIV, the modern-day Destro.   (He's the guy in the rest of it.)

First of all, the packaging is amazing.  For information-gathering nerds such as myself (helloooo Transformers wiki!) this is a treasure of nerdy, nerdy info, since it has a family history of every single James McCullen, from one to twenty-four.   Do you know that James McCullen 19th (who lived from 1840-1893) sold rocket weapons to both the North and South in the American Civil War?  NOW YOU DO!   The only downside is, unlike Mattel's collectors' packaging, you actually have to rip the bubbles off the cards, retail-style.  D'oh!

Destro #9, I assume, is a frankenstein of various parts.  I recognize his legs, for example, from Iron Grenadier Destro.  He comes with a sword, the Destro-clan flag, an old-timey hand-held gun of some sort, and his iron mask.  (The mask, of course, fits over his head.)

Destro #24 is how modern Destro actually looks in the movie.  Forget that mass-retail single-carded Destro, with the awesome longcoat.  He never looks like that!  This SDCC-exclusive toy is your only chance at a movie-accurate Destro.  He comes with a masked face, which you have to replace with his real head by popping it off at the ball-jointed neck.  He also comes with a M.A.R.S. briefcase (which can hold one of his guns) and a whooooooooole buncha other guns, big and small, but which are mostly chromed.  


So early this morning, Jon Rosenberg (Goats) started a Twitter Trending Topic, #obamacarefacts, lampooning the crazy paranoid ideas of those folks who think socialized medicine is all about death panels and turning everyone into gay Hitlers.  I joined in for some satirical nonsense as well, and was darkly amused (but not surprised) when it started getting picked up by Internet media as some sort of grass-roots conservative meme hijacked by liberals.  Hahaha.


For the love of God, buy The AllSpark Almanac.  It is the most glorious book I have ever read.  It is not only a collection of thousands of full-color Transformers Animated models, nor is it also merely a collection of episode and comic book summaries from the first two seasons, all written in-universe by the characters themselves.  My God, it is probably the closest thing the Transformers Wiki will get to a full-on official Hasbro-sanctioned handjob.  The obscure (SUPER obscure) references, crammed into every page, are absolutely insane.  References to Rorza, Dr. Biggles-Jones, JaAm, Monster-Con from Mars, "Dinobot's Old Technology"... it is well and truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  It even references fucking Seafood Louis.  Oh my God.  Oh my holy, holy God.  It should not exist.

Find it at a local comic store if you can.  It is a beautiful-looking book crammed with more information than should be physically possible.


Prototype coming in a matter of days!  Well, they told me it'd be a week hence on... Monday.  So, soon!