August 18th, 2009


She's old enough to screw whatever computer-dude she wants!

Shortpacked!: Don't tell me what I feel! 

Ever so often I'll make fun of Fun Publications in a strip.  I haven't really had the opportunity (or reason) to since I've been asked to write a few character profiles for them this year, so this feels pretty weird.  But, uh, hey, "journalist integrity" or something?  Hahaha, as if I were a journalist.

(I dropped out of that major after one semester at Indiana University.)

Anyway, that BotCon "review" really set me off.  It's funny, because I was already actively avoiding reading it, knowing that it would absolutely set me off, based on past history of Fun Publications' "reviews" of their own conventions.  But while I was reading other material, accidentally my eye caught a sentence, and it had to be that one damn sentence.  Woof. 

But hey!  Check out my Shattered Glass Ratbat profile, located in that same issue.  Ah-heh.

Also check out my other new batch of Justice League Unlimited figures!  I said very recently that the bad guy sets are always cooler than the good guy sets.  This set is no exception.  Okay, so one Superman or Batman is a given.  But did we really need the Elongated Man in the comics-based costume he was never animated in?  Oh well.  At least we get new guys in Hourman, Obsidian, and especially Mr. Terrific.  

Mr. Terrific makes the set.   I've been wanting him for a while.   (Astute folks will note that San Diego Comic-Con's flight-suit Hal Jordan was made from him.)  Yay, Mr. Terrific!  I'm sad that his animated character model doesn't say "FAIR PLAY" on his sleeves, though.  I understand why, what with ease-of-animation and all, but I'm still sad. 

And, finally, we get an updated Supergirl, based on her appearance in the last handful of episodes.  The show had ditched the (more interesting) ringer tee-and-gloves version for a more modern-comics-based version, and so it's nice to get a toy of that Supergirl as well.  Plus new Supergirl is totally legal!  So legal that it highlights how absolutely tiny her original JLU toy is.  Apparently she had a huge-ass growth spurt between the ages of 18 and 21.  Yikes. 

Unfortunately, now Star Girl, who is retooled from Small Supergirl, will have to be tiny all by her lonesome. 

Side note: Man, my Elongated Man's head totally snapped off.  I just wanted to turn it at the neck, and the toy just crumbled there.  Yikes again.  I glued it back on, so it'll at least stay on his shoulders, even though it can't turn and it's not like I'm gonna display this version anyhow.  But still, be careful with your own Elongated Men, in case this wasn't an isolated case.