August 15th, 2009


Dr. Venom!

Hey, dudes!  A reminder: My convention art lot auction has one more day!  (And not the Spider-Man kind.)  There seems to be lots of competition, but with luck (and moolah) it can be yours!

And I got some fanart from some talented individuals.  Jake Isenberg of Transformers inking fame illustrated the cast.  Meanwhile, Pilli-Adventure's Algeya rendered the new Shortpacked! store design.  Shoot mental accolades in their virtual direction.

Oh, and the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club exclusives for 2010 include a... Dr. Venom??  Well, guess who's signing up for the club!  ...or leaching off somebody who has already.  Hrm.  Either way, I have to get that figure.