August 13th, 2009

I'm Batman

Maggie: "More like BUTT-Pirate!"

Shortpacked!: Boners for everyone!  Well, okay, boners for one guy.

Man, when was the last time I even bought new Justice League Unlimited toys in a real store?  Oh, right.  December 2008.  Yikes.

There's two new JLU six-packs in town, and once again, there's a villain set and a hero set.  And again, the villain set is way friggin' cooler.  There's only one repeated character (Lex) and it fills in some important gaps.  Tala is very important in the last season, and both Doctor Polaris and Devil Ray are up there.  Gentleman Ghost gets points for being awesome, and Psycho-Pirate...

Well, Psycho-Pirate's bio information on the back notes that he's "in fact one of the most powerful villains on Earth."  Which is pretty impressive for a guy that stood in the background a lot and did nothing.  But then, his powers are entirely invested in his mask, and he don't have his mask, do he?

I didn't have trouble standing most of them up, other than the Gentleman Ghost, who has to hunch over a bit do to his heavier-than-usual cape.  He's sure mostly the Joker!  Yet still awesome, with his floating hat and monocle.  Batman: Brave and the Bold has taught me to appreciate Gentleman Ghost.

Tala also has high-heel shoes painted onto the standard JLU female mold legs, which is slightly unfortunate since the legs are molded to be boots.  If you look behind her heels, you can see the molded wadded clothing folds, now embedded in her flesh.  But that's hard to see unless you're looking for it, and her dress really helps her stand up, so hooray!

Devil Ray has a nifty new vest or whatever, but his arm guns are just painted on, which is unfortunate. 

Psycho Pirate looks kind of retarded, but that's not Mattel's fault.

And Lex is Lex. 

I threw some JLU episodes into the DVD this evening because it's just been so long since I'd seen the series.  I wanted to get more excited about these figures.  ("Dead Reckoning," "Flash and Substance," and "Wild Cards 1 & 2," for the record.  I wanted to see Devil Ray, and then Maggie demanded some Flash and Joker.)  And it worked!  It worked so well that it sucked Maggie in and we consumed most of our evening, up until about twenty minutes ago.  I almost thought I'd ran out of photographing and blog-writing time, but I managed to squeeze one out.  Thankfully(?) these figures don't exactly do much, so they're not really a chore to describe. 

Hey, if anyone sees the 3-pack with Cheetah in it or the Batman:Beyond 3-pack, um...