August 12th, 2009


Put it in me, Scott.

 Shortpacked!: He's not a former President, but he'll do?

Ejector started out in a Mountain Dew commercial for the first Transformers film.  He wasn't called "Ejector" yet, but the Transformer Wiki remembered the lovable toaster bot who was designed by Ben Proctor.  

And then he got to be in the sequel!  We were overjoyed!  It was the big time!  You know, for a few short minutes, before he was put out of his feral misery by Bumblebee.  (The toy's bio goes to great pains to note that Ejector is not a fully sentient being, because otherwise his death was kind of unfair.) 

And then I totally wanted him.  A friendly superfan who showed up at Wizard World Chicago (let's call him "Josh") noted that he found him earlier that day in a store, but had passed on him.  If he went back to that store after the show, bought him, and brought him, would I draw him a commissioned sketch? Fuck yeah!  Toy delivery service!  And true to his word, the toy was delivered, and true to my word, I drew the superfan and his friend beating the life out of a toy scalper, at their suggestion.  (They later showed up in Resident Evil cop uniforms, which probably would have changed the connotation of the art a bit...)

Anyway, Ejector is fantastic.  Yeah, his altmode doesn't do much, but it's a friggin' toaster.  A Transformers toaster.  There have been other Transformer toasters, but they never got much fanfare, much less an actual retail-release toy.  With a plug!  (Though Ejector's plug must be some Asian-style prong-deal, since it's definitely not sculpted to look like a North American plug.)  

Beyond Ejector's propensity for popping his shoulders off at the balljoints, his transformation is quick, easy, and fun to get him back and forth between robot mode and toaster mode.  His four-armed robot mode, plus his sculpted-in crazy eyes and toothy grimace, also amuses. 

Chris Hallbeck, my boothmate, was won over by this toy, and he quickly bought one of his own.  (Though his comic often features toasters, so that may have helped.) 

If you see him, get him. 

Seriously, can you turn down a toaster Transformer who has a Tech-spec courage rating of 10?  (He's small.  He's a toaster.  Do the math.)