August 11th, 2009


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Shortpacked!: I'm tempted to keep his hair like that.


So a while back I talked about how The Fallen is a "multiversal singularity," meaning that every single The Fallen in every single Transformers story he appears is actually the same individual, regardless of continuity.  Well, I asked about that in the most recent Hasbro Q&A, for the Transformers Wiki.  

And it got answered.

It got answered gloriously.

If you want to see a triumphant application of Grade-A bullshitting, read the response to Question 3.


Finally saw the movie this evening!  Holy crap, that was a really fun movie.  Dumb in places, cheerfully cheesy, but really fun.  It's great to watch movies where you can tell the actors are having a blast with it.  I heartily recommend it!  You won't even have to turn off your brain as much as you had to for Revenge of the Fallen.  Hell, you'll probably enjoy it more than ROTF, despite the lack of giant battling robots.  Lord knows I did.  And that's no small feat.


Today I examined an early sculpt of the Amber statue for corrections.  This shit is happening. 

An unfortunate(?) winning leaderboard ad tonight...

Shortpacked!: The greatest crime imaginable.

Today's punchline was actually the brainchild of Chris Hallbeck, of The Book of Biff.  He sought to annoy my sensitive font-elitism, and it worked.  Share my annoyance!  Plus, it buys me one more day to come up with a REAL new logo.  You know, one that actually works in CMYK.  The bright pretty RGB-happy green that the current/old Shortpacked! is... well, it always prints out as this dull dirty green.  That has to stop.  And so I'm taking advantage of an in-story opportunity to redesign the logo. 

And so I'm home, folks!  But I have all this extra art.  During my slow times at my crazy convention tour, I'd render my characters on the backs of comic book backing boards.  Some caught the eyes of passers-by and were bought.  But most survived!  

So if you missed my convention appearances this summer, you can live them vicariously through my remainder convention art, which is totally up on eBay.  Blue pencil and Copic marker!  Super lot!  It's fantastic.  Many of these I'm very fond of!  Plus, a few half-obscured surprises.

Lot comes with everything you see on the right.  Bidding lasts five days!

During my three weeks, I amassed a pile of toys, from exclusives to stuff I picked up in Walmarts and Targets along my journey to stuff that superfans brought me for art-bartering.  It'll take a long while to review myself through it, but I gotta start somewhere.

Why not with what arrived in the mail today?  Dr. Egon Spengler sold out at San Diego Comic-Con before I could bother with trying to get him, but he was up for sale on a week later.  I snagged him, and today I got him.  (And now he's sadly sold out on the website.)

This is where I make up for my flurry of Mattel-hate that has regrettably kind of saturated my TNI strips recently.  Dr. Spengler is about the most awesome you can expect from a toy.  You've heard me rave about Mattel's 6-inch DC line before, and the Ghostbusters figures seem to be as-good or even beyond that level of quality.  This is some fine sweetness, from his poseability (which also mirrors their 6-inch DC figures) to his amazing likeness.  He's unmistakable as Harold Ramis.  That's practically worth the pricetag alone. 

And he's covered in sculpted, bendy detail, from the pair of gloves that hang from his belt, to the series of wires and tubes, to even the computer ribbon that sprouts from his Proton Pack. 

Oh, and he comes with Slimer, who is about as poseable as a Slimer can be.  (Universal shoulders, lateral elbows, and rotating wrists.)  And on top of that, Dr. Spengler's packaging is the kind that can pop open and pop right back together.  No tearing the bubble off the card!  You know, if you keep your packaging.  I don't, but the presentation tempts me to.

Dr. Spengler is a joy.  And it's not every day you can pose Serious Scientists in Dramatic Action Poses.  The only drawback I can figure on is his rubbery weapon.  You have to line up his wrists perfectly so that the weapon holds straight in his arms, rather than all bendily.  Oh, and the other drawback is that I hafta wait months to years to complete the rest of the Ghostbusters.  Damn online collectors-only toylines!