August 9th, 2009


One more night and I'm HOME.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Aww, they cropped it.
Shortpacked!: Real comics return!

I got my TNI strip drawn this morning, but didn't have Internet access until I arrived at my dad's house in Indiana this evening.  Which is too bad, because the strip is sort of about Long Haul, and I have lots of Long Haul pictures here for you.  Sort of. 

EDIT: It's up!

Long Haul was my Convention Buddy these past four weeks.  I picked him up in San Diego on the Tuesday before the convention, and he's come along with me to every convention since, tucked inside my suitcase wrapped in a shirt.  He'd occupy a premium spot at my booth, where he'd draw all sorts of curious Transformers fans.  Mwahahahaha.

Unfortunately, my bottle of NyQuil had an accident inside my suitcase on the way to Wizard World Chicago, resulting in a sticky Long Haul.  So of course I licked it all off.  And Chris had to photograph it.  And then I'm showing it to you, which is even worse.  Oh well!  Anyway, it was a lot more NyQuil on him than I thought, so in about an hour I really wanted to nap.  

Here I am getting interviewed by a video camera and a microphone and some hand holding it!  The card with the information for these guys is sadly tucked away in my suitcase at the moment, but I don't think it had a URL on there anyhow.  So some guys interviewed me.  But the point is, yay, Long Haul!  He's guarding my cash box.  

What?  There's no Long Haul here at all!  Naw, it's just me, drawing a commission for somebody.  I got lots of awesome commission requests, such as art of Robin and Leslie reenacting the end of Thelma & Louise.  And one of my favorite ones that I made sure to get a picture of myself I can't show you because it's a surprise for somebody.  So! 

Anyway, Long Haul is great.  I recommend him greatly!  He's not too difficult and not too simple, and he looks great in both modes, and has awesome flip-out hooks.  He was an excellent Convention Buddy.  If I ever have another Convention Buddy, he has an awful lot to live up to!