August 8th, 2009


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To the left is a photo of my half of our Wizard World Chicago booth back when I still had copies of Shortpacked! Book 1.  After nearly running out of them on Friday, I went back to get whole other box of it from my trunk, and then sold entirely through those on Saturday.

Wizard World Chicago is magic.

Poor Chris Hallbeck, creator of Book of Biff!  If only he had a picture of Batman on his table, like I do, he too could take everyone's money in the world.  

(Also, check out the carded Ejector that a fan brought me in exchange for commission art.  It was not carded for long!)

After the show today, I decided to head up to Schaumburg, my old college stomping grounds.  It was super strange.  First of all, it depressed me, since I recalled all of the street names, but could no longer recall where they led to.  It had been at least five years, and I was forced to, to my shame, use my GPS to help me navigate from Rosemont to Woodfield Mall.  Argh.  I used to be able to do that blindfolded.  (Figuratively.) 

And back then, I was a super poor student whose monthly income was basically a few dollars short of his rent.  Once a month, I would cross through the fence between our apartment complex and Portillo's, a delicious place, and splurge on a $5+ meal.  I had dinner there tonight, now a rich, rich man by comparison.  A rich man who's getting married next month.  I had returned a wealthy, elderly stranger to this place.

But some things never change.   Like the Jiffy-Lube on the corner of Higgins and Roselle that has proclaimed "WE HAVE YOUR HEADLIGHT" on its marquee since at least 1999.  Sure, right after 9-11, it said "GOD BLESS AMERICA" for a month or so, but it went right back to the status quo in due time. 

But most importantly, down in Lombard where Chris Hallbeck lives, I was able to witness HOBO. 

I love HOBO.

One more day of convention, and then I can go home!  My tour de États-Unis  will be complete!  I miss my lovely future wife.  Many hugs will be had!  On Monday, REAL COMICS resume.