August 6th, 2009


Once I had too much to drink and I harked up a vagrant.

Shortpacked!: Comix for History Fanz

Wizard World Chicago is like pretty sweet!  For me!  I'm getting pretty good booth traffic, making a lot of new friends and a lot of sales!  Too bad everyone else hates this place?  And there's some new better con that's going to kick its ass next year?  Oh well, I like it!  It could easily end up being my best con of the three.

It IS pretty ridiculous that in lieu of badges (which we also get) the security only cares about these theme-park-style paper bracelets.  And you have to wear the same bracelet all friggin' week.  I remember when we went to Dinosaur World, and I refused to take off my paper wrist-thingy just because I was so proud that I had gone, and because I shower it got all soggy and terrible and I eventually had to let it go.  Wizard World Chicago is just like that, but mandatory.  Eyeugh.

Time to fall asleep on Book of Biff's couch!  I promised them I would not axe-murder them in their sleep.  Hello puppy!