August 5th, 2009


Michael Jackson's funeral service was an inspiration to us all.

Shortpacked!: If you don't read my Twitter, it's new to you!

So here I am, finally about to start the third and final voyage of my "Party Across the States Party" tour party tour.  In about eight hours, actually!  Gotta get up early so I can get to Chicago in time to set up for PREVIEW NIGHT!  (Stupid preview nights.)

So, yeah.  Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con or whatever they're calling it these days is pretty damn big.  Not San Diego big, but still big.  So check out that map on the right!  I'm at booth 3226, sharing space with Book of Biff.  It'll be Book of Biff or Chris Hallbeck listed there on the program, not me, so don't go looking for me on there.  You won't find me! 

You will, however, find Lou Ferrigno, Peter Mayhew, and Margot Kidder, just as you have every year at WWC since the beginning of time.

I'll have books!  $15 each as usual, but like the previous two conventions, I'll be selling all three of my books (SP1, SP2, R1) as a set for $40 even.  Plus I'll have original art pages for sale, some prints of popular strips I've pre-selected, and of course you can always pay me to draw something nice if a quick free sketch won't do. 

Come see me!  I will give you loves.