August 4th, 2009


Hey you.

Shortpacked!@TNI: I'm not going to make it!
Shortpacked!: I can't remember which one runs tonight. and I'm not gonna go check.

HEY GUYS AT WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO THIS WEEKEND I WILL BE AT BOOTH 3226!  I'm sharing the booth with Chris Hallbeck of Book of Biff, so that's whose name you should look up when you go trying to find me on the map.  My name's not on there!  But his is.  Also, I'm bringing orange with me to cover my half of the booth.  So!  Look for that!

Here is basically what I saw for three days straight through ConnectiCon: KC Green, filtered through a parade of Furries and Rainbow-Brite.  (Sometimes the Furries would have actual scheduled parades!  That is when I hid under my booth.)

I have never seen so many catgirls in all my life.

Also, check out Freakazoid's package

Today, at home, while buying supplies for Wizard World Chicago/Chicago Comic-Con/whatever, I stumbled across the first two big Robot Heroes megasets.  One of them has a giant-ass The Fallen!  I got both.  

Man, giant-ass The Fallen.  The novelization seems to imply that The Fallen is supposed to be huge, an idea that the actual movie didn't really push.  So the Robot Heroes set with the giant-ass The Fallen seems a little weird, like something from a cut scene where Rita Repulsa threw down her sceptor from space and he grew really big.  

Despite being huge, he has no more articulation than the other figures.  He's got shoulders and face.  I say "face" instead of "head," because only the face itself rotates, like a novelty bow-tie.  The little frills that are supposed to stick out from his cheeks are actually part of the torso.  Weird. 

Enjoy a picture of all of my The Fallens!  The Target redeco of the Voyager version isn't out yet, but he's not a new mold, so whatever.  These are all the different molds.  Including the Slurpee straw!  The movie gave The Fallen this staff that had telekinetic powers, something that no toy (or film adaptation) has, so I think I'll pretend the Slurpee straw is my The Fallen's staff.  

The Fallen, you are too hilarious.