August 3rd, 2009


I'm back!

Joyce and Walky!: Not scribbles
Shortpacked!: Scribbles
Shortpacked!: More scribbles!

Just got back from ConnectiCon.  Quick notes:
  • The Amber statue has begun the sculpting process.  Hooray!  Thanks for your votes.  She's gonna be roughly 6 inches tall and her corn popper will have a translucent resin dome.
  • While trying to come up with a punchline for this past Saturday's Joyce and Walky! (linked above), at one point I got a little frustrated.  Funny, but ...
  • So, yeah, Reagan pulled a Starbuck.  But as originally written, it was a lot more abbreviated.  After some second thoughts in the crazy moments leading up to Comic-Con, I threw more stuff into the middle.  I thought Reagan deserved a longer send-off.  Plus, it's always more fun to get readers cozy with a character right before yankin' 'em away.
  • Read Dead Winter.