July 30th, 2009


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Shortpacked! guest comic: Somehow I don't think he'd end up with that much color.

That link'll work at 11 pm EST, and not a moment sooner!  Quite possibly a moment later, even.  

Tonight's guest comic is from Brandon Morgan and Anti-Zombie Army.  His comic is not about Zombies nor armies that repel them! 

Set up my booth here at ConnectiCon.  Remember, I'm upstairs in the Artist Colony next door to the giant-ass panel room with the giant screen.  If you see a bunch of real famous webcomics that lots of people read, all close together in some sort of webcomics "section," I am not there.  I am upstairs, booth 49A-B, sitting at a quiet table across from KC Green, next to some girl's man-sized-safe-size plush Spider-man that says something about free hugs.  Catgirls flank me on every other corner.  Some of them have costumes that constantly play J-Pop.

On the other hand, the downstairs Real Webcomics Section For Adults has Tim Buckley.  So I guess I made out pretty okay. 

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