July 27th, 2009


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Shortpacked! guest strip: The Intrepid Girlduo!

Tonight's strip is by Diana Nock, who is the creator of the adorable-yet-occasionally-morbid strip, The Intrepid Girlbot.  I got to meet Diana at Comic-Con, which was a real treat, but it also means she's in a similar situation: dead tired!  Be sure to read back a few days before her guest strips to see her beautiful work

Me, I got a red-eye flight tonight.  Will be back in Columbus tomorrow at about 10am.  Hooray?

In ConnectiCon, I'm even going to have a panel!  About toys! With Dom Santiago!  He is in a video game called Gears of War?  I have not played it, but I hear this Dom person is voiced by somebody that I will be sitting next to.  

Anyway, we'll be talking about action figure collecting.  It'll be on Saturday at 6pm or so.  I will bring some Hot Shot stuff, I'm sure. 

Meanwhile, enjoy a Batman commission I did at SDCC.  This was the fourth of several Batman commissions from this fellow, as he had come back for a Batman sketch from me for several years thus far.  This is the latest!  This year I had gray markers of varying grayness!

I am seriously on the verge of running a fever.  I'll definitely be okay in a day or so.  Just need a nap.  And then!  12 hour drive to Hartford, Connecticut!