July 24th, 2009


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Shortpacked!:  You can come accost me at booth 1330.

Yay, peeps!  I am meetings yous.

See that stack of newsprint on the bottom left of our shelving?  That's the WEBCOMICS SECTION, which is like a Sunday Comics-style newsprint selection of comics, only they're WEBcomics!  And I'm comic #1, because I am the best.  (Actually, it's because I have Batman, and it's a comic book convention.)

And it's free!  Just come by any of many webcomics-related booths, and you can totally have one. 

1) Twilight fans are scary.  I heard constant girl-screaming, like a distant whirlwind, through the roar of the convention center and the mega-thick convention ceiling.  That was their panel. 

2) Against Paul Taylor's ample protests, I threw a paper airplane over the back of our wall into the Dayfree Press booth.  It returned.  Into Paul's head.  I am learning all the wrong lessons.

3) Totally was a girl who came by Thursday with an Amber haircut, glasses, and a popcorn popper.  She got her picture taken with me, but I was a fool and did not get one in return.  IF YOU SEE THIS, AMBER GIRL, PLEASE MAIL ME PHOTO KTHNX.

4) It is early and I am dead.