July 20th, 2009


And we're off!

Shortpacked!: You're not old enough, Leslie.
Tonight (4amish) I leave for the airport to begin my three-weekend bender across the United States.   First up, of course, is Comic-Con San Diego!  I'll be at Booth 1330, which is the same booth we've always been at.  Look for the sea of orange nestled between Keenspot and Penny Arcade.  I'll be there with Greg and Liz Dean and Paul Taylor!

After lots of work, I got the ol' Reagan's Big Talk double strip ready for the convention.  Stickering this one with word balloons was a doozy, not only because of volume of verbage, but because the word balloons themselves are much larger than my little sticker-maker machine.  So I got to cut them up into smaller pieces and reassemble them on the page as seamlessly as possible.  

As I was putting down my last word balloon, though, I hit a snag.  I'd forgotten that in Photoshop I'd scooted the important elements of the fifth panel to the right to accommodate the dialog I needed.  So, whoops, Robin's last bubble eclipsed her head.  I managed to find a workaround, but damn, this is not fun work.

Steve-o and I will be in San Diego around 11am Tuesday mornin', and I can't wait to start seeing you folks once preview night opens on Wednesday!  Shortpacked! itself will continue until Friday with new strips.  Starting Monday, guest strips!