July 19th, 2009


He's real good at grabbing his own thighs.

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Those little struts that run from Movie The Fallen's mid-torso to his forearms really are the bane of his design, at least when translated to action figures.  On the Voyager Class toy, connecting the struts to his arms hinders the ample poseability built into the figure.  The Legends Class toy gives you the struts, but not really the connection, so instead he's just got these weird spikes jabbing out awkwardly from his torso.  The only articulated Movie The Fallen toy that doesn't taunt you with the torso struts is the Burger King kids meal toy.  The Robot Replicas version, seen on the right, is on the same page as the Voyager.  

Tiny balljoints connect his arms to the struts.  This means you can bend his arms a fraction at the elbow, but nothing more.  Which is really too bad, as his shoulders have really interesting articulation.  Robot Replicas, of course, are the non-transforming action figure toys of Transformer movie designs.  The first movie's stuff was basically a knockoff of the Revoltech joint system.  These new Robot Replicas much less so.  They're more creative with the joints, hiding them where they can in the sculpt.  The Fallen's shoulders extend to just below the base of his skull, which is where they rotate for arm movement. 

But that system is useless if you want his arms attached properly.  Man, couldn't they have given us a balljoint at the other end of the strut, just this once?  It really seems like a wasted opportunity.  (A wasted waist opportunity?)

His face pops off real easily, if you were wondering.