July 18th, 2009


Comic-Con scale models and stuffs.

Hey, look, it is a tiny scale model of what Blank Label Comics' Comic-Con booth will look like!  Why?  Because.  Liz Dean (Real Life) made this, and she wants you to know that she's not a total nerd.  Just a partial one. 

For seriously, it's farkin' cool.

I want to make tiny scale action figures of us for it so bad. 

(We're at booth 1330, same as always.)

Preparation for San Diego Comic-Con and following cons continues apace!  Today I've been stickering more dialog balloons to original Shortpacked! comic art.    I don't have time to do this for all my piles of original comic art pages, so I try to pick and choose based on what I think people would want or care for.  (And, of course, I'm limited to strips that didn't copy-paste any elements.)  

So if you're going to Comic-Con or ConnectiCon or Wizard World Chicago, and are interested in purchasing some original art pages (with dialog!) let me know what you're aiming for.  I can't guarantee it, since some pages have already sold, and some may have copy-pasted panels and whatnot, or I just can't find the comic in my mountains of piles, but I'll do my best to oblige.  

See you there!

(Yes, of course the Batman DDR strip is sold.)