July 16th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Not a morning person.

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Guess who went to Burger King today?

I have Megatron now, whose Burger King toy is titled "Rise of Megatron."  This seems like it wants to indicate Megatron's rebirth in the movie, but in the context of the toy, it feels more like it's about him waking up in the morning.

Check out that waking yawn!

He's got a pullback motor, but from first look at him, I thought he might have a spring-loaded transformation.  No, the waist-hinge seems to be only manually transformable.  So he can scoot forward in winged tank mode or in "What, Me Worry??" mode.  

Man, I much prefer the years McDonald's gets the Transformers kids meal stuff.  Their products are always simple transformable figures, while Burger King's are the weird gimmicky stuff that's either neat or terrible.  At least Burger King's toys are relatively huge?