July 14th, 2009

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Wewease Wavage!

Shortpacked!: The difference a day makes.  (And a sister?)

Man, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel.  All I've got left is this Burger King toy to talk about.  I've been busy mailin' books and drawin' comics and gettin' ready for my onslaught of conventions (a conslaught?) to go out and about to search for toys.  There's not even really any out there that I want!  I'm pretty good at the moment.  

So have "Ravage Reveal," one of Burger King's kids meal toys.  He's basically this big clamshell thing with a thick plastic keychain ring on it.  You open up the halves of the shell, and a little Ravage drops down via an assemblage of levers.  Set Ravage down anywhere, and the shell closes back around him. 

(That's why The Fallen is propping him up.  There's no way to lock him in that position, and gravity will thwart you every time.) 

I'm amazed by the efficiency with which I was able to get the three Burger King toys I was interested in.  Usually I end up with all these extra guys I didn't want.  No, I got Devastator, The Fallen, and Ravage, the only three I was interested, in three consecutive visits.  

But basically that just means that many fewer potential blogpost subjects.  D'oh!