July 12th, 2009

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The Octo-WALL*E

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I actually picked up Scalpel a while back, but I was so disappointed/underwhelmed with him that I kind of forgot I owned him.  But it's Monday, and I need something to talk about, so I'm glad I spotted him hiding amongst my Burger King toys.  

Scalpel, called simply "the Doctor" in the Revenge of the Fallen film itself, is the Decepticon medic.  He's pretty great in the film, with his ridiculous German accent, so I was happy to put down the $8 or so for his Scout Class toy.  ("Put ze brain on ze table!")  He's the tiny little guy who (SPOILERS!) puts Megatron back together using parts of a Decepticon he orders killed on-the-spot.  He's also the guy who shoves gross bugs down Sam's throat.  

(In the comic book adaptation of the movie, he's killed in that latter scene.  In the film itself, he flat-out disappears.  That happens to a lot of characters, strangely enough.)

But man, his toy.  So awkward.  The microscope mode is a novel one, which made the purchase even easier, but this is not a fun guy.  In his insectile robot mode, he has a very uneven center of gravity.  His torso lunges forward, making it difficult for him to stand on his numerous legs. 

Scalpel's instructions are also of absolutely no help.  There were several times where I thought I had reached an impasse.  This guy just must be misassembled.  No, he just has bad instructions.  The ambiguity of exactly how his robot mode is intended to look is a related problem.  Hurgh.

So, yeah, unless you reaaaaaaaaally like the character, or microscopes, or abnormal robot modes, I'd say avoid this guy.  I favor all three of those, yet I was pretty let down by him.  (He's also wildly out of scale with just about everything else in the toyline, so that doesn't help much either.)

There's a running change on this guy that shortens his antenna by a little bit.  This allows them to fit more neatly inside his kibble, instead of squeezed out the back, through the seams.  Mine is the earlier, longer version, but I've seen reports of the "fixed" version beginning to show up.

Oh, and this particular old
It's Walky! strip is pretty fun.