July 8th, 2009


Swimming and being sarcastic are other half of the battle.

Shortpacked!: A tiff!

I decided I wanted a movie Shipwreck in addition to my movie Destro.  Shipwreck's a good second behind Destro in my Joe Love Hierarchy, which is why I have both of their Sigma Six figures in a bin somewhere and nobody else's.  I got really attached to Shipwreck from watching the cartoon, and that attachment has stuck.  He's, what, basically Jack Nicholson in a sailor outfit?  I think so.  

(I can't believe that in the cartoon, Shipwreck was just this amicable guy they found in a Cobra bar.  The cartoon Joes pick up new members everywhere.  They even carry around spare specialty-themed uniforms in case they run into potential recruits.  I'm looking at you, Scoop.)

Despite the pull of nostalgia and camp, I do really like Shipwreck's new less-gay look.  And the live-action film version of it looks really nice.  The face-sculpt is detailed and friendly, and the slate gray camo pants are a nice touch.  It's an excellent transition to the life-action universe style.  And, hey, he comes with Polly!  A new Polly!

And, hey, he's not pinheaded or anything.  He's not a Peanuts character, either.  It's a good proportional balance.

Shipwreck also comes with way more stuff than he can possibly carry.  I am mystified why he doesn't have holsters or pockets for his small pistol and his knife.  That seems to be fairly standard these days, so the lack of this kind of functionality surprises me.  He also comes with a bigger, sci-fy-y gun (syfyy?), the requisite gigantic missile-launcher, and some scuba gear.  The scuba stuff includes a backpack (which is where Polly mounts), two flippers, and a scuba mask.  The scuba mask pegs into holes on the backpack behind either side of Shipwreck's neck, and the flippers can store on other pegs on the bottom of the backpack.  

Seriously, he's got a lot of stuff.  And he looks very nice, so I recommend him, especially if you dig Shipwreck.