July 6th, 2009


Starring Rei Romano.

Shortpacked!: Everybody Loves Roslyn.

Everyone but Robin, that is!  We got a new Limited Print tonight, "Ultra Pin-Up Car", which is limited to 15 pieces and printed on letter-size cardstock gloss. One can be yours for $20, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world! Just gimme a line and we'll get things rolling, or check the Box O' Whoring on the front page for additional information.

Don't expect me to duplicate the coloring style in the limited print within the strip itself.  That was kind of a pain!  And you wondered why I abandoned that coloring style after those old Shortpacked V1.0 strips.  Yikes.

On Sunday, along with my new Destro, I also found Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire.  He's kind of a horrible monster of a toy, so I'm still, well, fiddling with him.  But here's a photo for you in the meantime!

That's right, he combines with Leader Class Optimus Prime, so you can reenact all your favorite face-taking scenes.

And remember to keep San Diego Comic-Con, Connecticon, and Wizard World Chicago on your calendars!  I'm gonna be at all of them starting in the middle of this month, one weekend after another.  I'll be basically in every corner of the United States within the span of three weeks.  So you've got no excuse to not come visit! 

Except maybe if you're trapped under a pile of rubble inside a chamber as it's slowly being flooded, as your ailing Aunt May requires medicine to live.