July 5th, 2009


No arm-mounted flammables? Shrewd, movie Destro, shrewd!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Different orders of magnitude.
Shortpacked!: Everyone has a new friend.

Hey, did you know they're doing some G.I. Joe movie too, this year?  It's not just Transformers?  Yeah, I know!  

Hasbro decided to move up the street date for the G.I. Joe movie figures to Monday, July 6, because (as I understand it) stores were breakin' street date on it anyway.  And sure enough, a local Target had some.  And by "some," I mean "a metric buttload."  The first offering of single-packed Joes for the movie seems to be about four waves' worth.  There are oodles of dudes.  Oodles.

Luckily for me, I'm really only after one.  And, of course, it's Destro.  But I wasn't after this Destro for any sort of Destro completism momentum.  Heck, I've managed to pass on the Combat Heroes movie Destro a few times now.  No, I view him genuinely as a super-awesome Destro.  Look at him.  He wears a NECKTIE.  He wears a tie with a normal blue dress shirt, under an overcoat.  He's like Tastefully Dressed Business Formal Destro.  There's no jumpsuit with bare chest or medallion.  This Destro has some self respect. 

He may be my favorite Destro.  C'mon, he wears a tie!  A tie!

As befitting a weapons industrialist chieftan, he comes loaded with firearms.  A small black pistol fits into a holster slung over his chest.  A second gun splits in two, possibly becoming separate weapons.  This and the third gun have tiny pegs on them which correspond to tiny pegholes on each hip.  They can be mounted there, no problem, which is cool.  And necessary, because the final gun, a working missile-firing launcher, is as about as big as a horse.  Seriously, it's as long as the bubble he's carded in.  It shoots strong, like an Attactix missile.  And, wow, he can barely hold it.  It is a seriously dangerous missile launcher.  He could probably do as much damage firing it as using it to bludgeon people with.  

All the single-packed Joes seem to come with a missile launcher, so that must be a thing.  Another thing is the new-sculpt figure stand.  They look like dogtags now, and on the bottom is sculpted either a Cobra logo or the movie Joe symbol.  There's a hole at the end of the dogtag, what with it being a dogtag, so it's possible you could use it as a keychain thinger or something. 

Anyway, this Destro is seriously great.  If you're worried about spoilers, though, uh, avoid reading the back.  I may have made a mistake.  I just wanted to see if it says he wears the mask because he's part of the Destro clan!  Oh well.