July 2nd, 2009


Arts and farts.

Shortpacked!: In which I cheat at backgrounds.

No toys today!  Let's take the day off for behind-the-scenes drudgery.

To the right is the page of sketches where I hammered down what Robin's little sister would look like.  She would look similar, of course, but I wanted to make sure that if Robin ever got a haircut or whatever, she and Roz would still be distinct.  So her face had to be different in some small ways.  

First of all, she's got dots for eyes, rather than full eyeballs.  Secondly, glasses!  That should do it.  I made sure they weren't Amber's glasses, but the mere addition of glasses made Roz steer a little too close to Billie from Roomies!.  So I had to tinker with the hair more.  Added more loops to the bangs, made the back bushier.  

(I've probably mentioned this before, but coming up with new character designs is sometimes a very harrowing and humbling thing for me.  It's hard to work in the established "style" or "parts list" or whatever and not have your new character start looking too close to an existing one.  I get reminded how limited my art style can be, at least in the attractive-female-arena.  Guys you can add at least crazy schnozzes to.)  

Anyway, I decided to go with the inked design on the right.  I have made the hair a little bushier in the back, but that's the basic feel I'm going for.  It looks the most quasi-Robinesque while also looking like her own woman.

Some of you may remember the first mention of Robin's sister from Robin's "introduction" to Shortpacked! Book 2.  At least, some of you better have!  

I've also started experimenting with texturing in backgrounds.  I'm happy with the bristly texturing on the trees and whatnot, but I still need to decide what, if anything, I'm gonna do with buildings.  Or if I'm going to bother with this sorta stuff when they're inside.  It's awfully time-consumptive.  Oh well.  Leave thoughts if you wanna