June 30th, 2009


All your face are belong to us.

Shortpacked!: Gotcha journalism.

God damn, I didn't need to be remembered how much of a bitch it is to photograph Ironhide so that you can actually see him and not a big black silhouette.

Toys "R" Us had a pretty good sale ($5 off!) on Revenge of the Fallen stuff, so I finally got around to getting the new retooled Voyager Ironhide.  He comes with a new head and new arm cannons.  Both are much more "movie-accurate," though since the cannons are now much bigger and irregular in shape, they combine and plug into a mount on the back of the truck bed in vehicle mode, rather than tuck underneath the running boards.

I only wanted the head and guns.

See, Premium Ironhide (from the end of the first movie's toyline) has a gloss-black finish that's really sharp.  And painfully movie-accurate.  I say "painfully" because, man, it is ROUGH trying to tell what stuff to paint or what stuff to leave bare, because he's so shiny and glossy, what appears silver on him changes from shot to shot.  So I went with a minimal approach.

(The old head was glued together, not screwed, so you'll have to remove the screws underneath the neck panel to swap the heads.)

Silver paint on the new head really brings it to life.  I wasn't 100% sold on it until I got the details in there.  Now it's immistakably Ironhide, down to his sculpted eye-squint.  You can sort of see the difference between the two heads in the photo on the right.  The old one's been sloppily painted and the new one hadn't yet been, so it's not exactly a 1:1 comparison. 

I wish they'd given Ratchet the same treatment in the new line.  His toy's just a straight redeco with no new head or anything.  He needs one!  His sculpt is based on non-final concept art.  When I painted him up, I had to fudge all sorts of details that weren't there or vice versa between the toy and CGI model.  D'oh well.  Dem's the breaks.