June 26th, 2009


His life in reruns.

Joyce and Walky!: One year later, bam.  Computers everywhere.

I got myself a mini-The Fallen

Seeing two Fallens interacting reminds me about all that Multiversal Singularity stuff.  Hasbro fiction guru Forest Lee said at BotCon a month ago that all The Fallens were the same individual, just hopping from universe to universe.  This was intended to be his deal for a few years now, but this whole live-action movie thing complicates matters.  Why?

Because there's like 30 different versions of the movie out there, and they're all canon.  They're all canon as separate-but-similar universes.  There's the movie itself.  There's the IDW comic book adaptation.  There's the novel.  There's the junior novel, the I Can Read! storybooks, probably some coloring books... and they're all valid universes!  

So apparently The Fallen, if he's all the same guy, had to live through the movie (or a variant thereof) multiple times, over and over.  Kind of like Wile E Coyote, he kept coming back for more, hoping to win it this go-round. 

Then again, I'd be itching to try again one universe over if I was thwarted once by a mere toss-into-space.  That's just asking for a do-over.  

Someone needs to sort this out.  Forest, you got some 'splainin' to do!