June 25th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Stop! Spoilertime.

Shortpacked!: Finally, real spoilers?

And there in the strip was my traumatizing moment, for those of you who were wondering.  Not cool!  Seriously not cool!  (Of course, the trauma was augmented by the offending scene being the clip they showed us at BotCon.  I was all YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYMYFAVORITECHARACT--aaaaagghgghghggghnnnoooooooooooooo...)

I... I need time to heal.

Anyway, today I learned that lesbiany art will sell for $150 on eBay.  This is either a really good or a really bad lesson to learn, depending.  Maybe I should stop drawing this dumb pop culture junk and just start working for Slipshine or something.

Meanwhile, I was totally interviewed for a newspaper!  Apparently I am a prominent Transformers-like-person, so the Fayetteville Observer included me in their Revenge of the Fallen article.  I of course namedropped Shortpacked! and the Transformers Wiki, and it was a pretty interesting experience.  Brian Dukes, the reporter, was a fun guy to talk to.  His appetite for Transformers knowledge is strong, and I have been feeding it.  (Though Starscream's French-Canadian name probably shouldn't be on the short-list of Transformers trivia to bestow.)  There are a few errors in the story, like the Transformers Wiki being official (it's not!), but I notified him of these errors and they are being corrected for the Weekender edition of the paper.