June 24th, 2009

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Revenge of the Fallen

Shortpacked!: The comic I drew about seeing the movie before seeing the movie.

So, this movie's getting about a 20% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes!  Woof.  What do I think about the Transformers sequel?  Without being too specific:

I had a stupid grin on my face for nearly the full two-and-a-half hours.  There was an incident that caused me great personal traumatization, which I will get into later when I can be more bold with spoilers.  I do need to clarify this a little.  The natural assumption is that I didn't like one of the several, several crass verbal or visual gags.  Those are mostly white noise to me, though they were nearing the threshold of annoyance.  Not from content, but from lack of, well, variety.  In isolation, most of them were fairly cute, even the one visual gag people bring up as the worst offender.  Meh!  No, I was traumatized by something else entirely.  But again, later.  Friday's strip.  You've been warned!

GIANT ROBOTS.  All else is nitpickery.

In fact, the movie starts out very tightly.  Sam's world grounds the film.  College is a good setting for it!  Too bad it leaves about halfway through.  Once it does, stuff starts to unravel.  The movie kind of gets away from itself.  Removing the seemingly never-ending sequence where Sam has to carry his sock (trust me) from one point to another, or at least shortening it, would have made the whole thing gel more.  The movie prolongs its own climax for no super important reason.

But there were lots of good points!  Holy God, Starscream is a real character now, and he's awesome.  There's a scene between just Decepticons which is one of the most gratifying of the entire film franchise so far, just because these guys get to talk and be people.  That was sorely, sorely missing from the first film.  And, of course, Sam's parents are awesome as always.  Though they do approach caracature, they feel more real than most movie parents. 

And, hey, those of you who wanted more robots in the first film?  Well, this is your movie!  It's 90% robots.  Of course, this has the side effect of making it less, well, human.  Again, I wish it stayed closer to the college setting in the second half of the film.  I think that's where its soul was.  I could sell my dad and stepmom, who loved the first film, on the first half of the second film.  The last half they'd probably get a little bored.  The first film left you wanting more.  The second left you wanting a little less!

Oh, and there's this guy.  His insides are on fire.  He wants revenge.