June 23rd, 2009

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Finally, the night of Revenge of the Fallen is upon us!  Will it suck?  Will it rock?  Will it not matter because there's friggin' robots beatin' the friggin' crap out of each other?  The only thing that is certain is that we're seeing it on IMAX tonight at midnight, over in Easton.  

Been savin' the toy on the left for just such a special occasion.  He's Human Alliance Bumblebee, and he comes with a little mini Sam Witwicky.  Remember Alternators?  Those 1:24 scale licensed-vehicle Transformers from a few years ago?  (That I'm starting to get rid of on eBay?)  Well, Bumblebee here is practically one of 'em.  He's not labeled as such, but he's definitely in that vein.  He, too, is about 1:24 and a licensed vehicle.  And G1 Bumblebee never got an Alternators toy, what with that whole Volkswagon-hates-Transformers thing, so it's nice to see at least one incarnation of the character get his due.

Normally I'd pass on something like this.  I'm tired of Alternators (remember, eBaying them away?) and I've been trying to keep my ROTF purchases to things that are as to scale with each other as possible.  And this guy's a big'un!  Though he's Alternators-size in car mode, he is quite the tall drink o' water in robot mode.  He's staying faaaaaar away from the rest of my ROTF toys.

But I got him because he just looks that friggin' awesome.  The idea of getting a human driver along with your Transformer is something I've wanted for forever.  I like having toys of the human characters, and Sam's not a bad one to have.  (I ended up getting all the Screen Battles sets from the first movie just to get the little human figurines.)  And even beyond that simple novelty, the toy is built to interact with the human toy in multiple ways.

The photo shows him standing in Bumblebee's palm.  There's a peg there.  There's also a peg on the back of his forearm (the seat), which plugs into a peghole in his shoulderblades, and a little firing mechanism flips over Sam's shoulders.  There's another set of pegs inside Bumblebee's torso, so that Sam can stand peeking over Bumblebee's shoulders, where there's a little mini-gun that can deploy which Sam can man.  

Sam himself is pretty articulated for a toy his size.  He's about half the size of a G.I. Joe (Joes are 1:18), yet he has universal shoulders and hips and knees.  (The knees are universal, but they're prevented from bending the wrong way at the kneecap.)  And his head turns and his ribcage is on a balljoint or something. 

Bumblebee himself is a very aesthetically-pleasing sight.  There's not much, if all, "fake" kibble on him, and he looks like he's made out of a lot of twisting, folding parts, because he is!  His legs are a lot more "made out of real car parts" than the actual movie design, which helps ground him, I think.  He looks very solid, very appealing.  Bumblebee's design excels at this scale.  He's just big enough to get the right amount of complexity out of him.  

And he does hit that balance right.  Getting him in and out of vehicle and robot modes isn't an ordeal, yet he's as complex as he looks.  There's very little of the ol' Alternators fitting-the-car-skin-back-together stuff.  Bumblebee's playable!  And unlike Alternators, he's got a firing missile launcher and all the aforementioned Sam interactivity.  (Though at $30, he is $10 more than they were.)  Best of all, his head actually works like in the movie!  His forehead slides down over his face, creating his insectile battle mask look.  That's something I've wanted a Bumblebee toy to have for a while.  (They retooled last movie's "Ultimate Bumblebee" to do this for this movie's toyline, but it reportedly involves opening up his head and doing some voodoo or something.  Not organic at all.) 

So, yeah, if you want to get something good from the Revenge of the Fallen line, I suggest this one.  It's definitely at the top of the list, if I had to narrow it down to just a few.  Even my roommate Steve, who isn't so big into the movie aesthetic, thought this Bumblebee looked pretty neat.   There's a few other offerings in the Human Alliance line coming out: Sideswipe/Epps, Skids/Arcee/Mikaela, and Barricade/Frenzy, but Bumblebee is the one that caught my eye the most.  If you only want one thing from ROTF, I think this is it. 

We're off to the cinema soon!  Later, folks.