June 22nd, 2009


Scandal and heartburn

Shortpacked!: I wonder how many webcomics today are taking place entirely within the interior of one of its characters.

First of all, auctions!  There's the lovely (scandalous!) art on the left, of course.  It's blue pencil and ink on comic book backing board.  

And I also am auctioning a set of four Alternators I don't want anymore - Sideswipe, Mirage, Smokescreen, and Wheeljack.  Expect some more of these guys soon.  I'm clearancing most of 'em out!   I no longer require them.  (I am, of course, keeping at least the Ravages.)

It's June 22, and that means the Revenge of the Fallen merchandising promotional push is in its final stage!  Today Burger King started its "Transform Your Way" promotion, featuring a horrifying Transformerized King, kid's meal toys, and.... a special Transformers sandwich!

It's the BBQ Double Stackticon!  

The Stackticon is basically the BK Stacker but with the "stacker sauce" swapped out with a barbecue sauce.  It looks disgusting and tastes like Death-At-40!  (I would say "Death-at-30" like I used to, but that concept's a lot scarier for me these days.)  Offset its nutricional deficiencies by getting some apple fries or something.  They're not actually fried!  Bummer.  I mean, good!

Tomorrow, the various video games come out, plus the soundtrack and score.  (Sweet, an actual score!  And not released some-odd months later!)  And tomorrow night?  The movie itself.  As of this writing, RottenTomatoes.com says it's 39% fresh!  That's still better than, uh, Land of the Lost?