June 21st, 2009

I'm Batman

Corre, corre, Batman! (baaaaaaaatman)

Shortpacked!@TNI: Rebuttal
Shortpacked!: Ultra Car is watching you ________.

Man, I did all this Batman comicking last week, and I miss the opportunity to review some of my new Batman acquisitions!  It would have been thematically dualistic, or whatever!  Instead, for Batman week you get ROTF stuff and ROTF week you get Batman stuff.  What a dumb me I am.

Anyway, at BotCon there's always this guy waiting for me!  His name is Darryl Hall, and he comes bearing gifts.  They're from the comic book store he helps run up in Canada, named "The Last Gamestore."  Anyway, this year was no different.  Batman stuffs come wrapped in comic book pages.  (The second Devil's Due Transformers/Joe crossover.  Good stuff.) 

The biggest was this guy on the left.  It's the Jim Lee-style Batman, but a re-released redeco of the original version.  So it's got black instead of dark blue and the yellow-circled emblem instead of the bat-only deal.  It's cool, because I'd been eyeing this sculpt for a while, but never plunked down the cash.  My favorite bit is the realistic clothing folds at his inseam, while the rest of the costume looks painted on.  Oh, Jim Lee, is there a crotchbulge you won't avoid?

There was also a Microman Batman/Batgirl set, but I have heard very bad news about its fragility, so I haven't been brave enough to open it yet.  

Regardless, thank you, BotCon Santa!  You embue every giant robot show with the Batmanness it sorely misses. 

I have had whiskey.