June 18th, 2009


Approximating Shakespeare

Shortpacked!: Subconscious inspiration

Because I'm super special, I got an advance copy of the next Goats collection, Infinite Typewriters.  It came in an awesome padded envelope from Random House, because that is just how crazy amazing Jonathan Rosenberg is.  He gets his webcomics published in books by friggin' Random House.  And I get to read them!  Before you!

There are so many things going on in this book.  It's not like some slow-paced decompressed storytelling like Bendis or the more tedious segments from It's Walky!.  Stuff, crazy stuff, happens from panel to panel, and there are regularly at least nine panels per page.  Not more than twenty pages in, God himself has been randomly devoured.  And that's just the beginning!  But happenings are not always so densely packed.  Some of my favorite parts are when the art is blown up to full-page size.  Establishing shots!  Moments of wonder and/or terror! 

There are reasons why Goats is well-revered.

It's genuinely a glorious book.  It's full, lush color.  And it's published by Random House, so you know it's not your random stapled booklet handed out at SPX.  This book is tough and beautiful, both in materials and content. 

Infinite Typewriters
comes out Tuesday, June 23, which is just 4 days from now.  It'll also be available in stores everywhere, what with that whole Random House thing.  You may also remember, long ago, I reviewed Diablo the Satanic Chicken, a Goats action figure.  Preorder the book and pick up the chicken!  You won't be sorry, Scout's honor.

(ha ha ha i was never a scout)