June 15th, 2009

I'm Batman

Wewease wavage!

Shortpacked!: Railroaded.

Transformers Animated's only crime, really, was the lack of Ravage.  Ravage is in everything!  It's just a rule.  He was the first Transformer ever to get dialog, he was the bridge that connected Beast Wars to its roots, and there were like thirteen million of him in Energon.  He was the only character to get two Alternators toys!  Ravage just kinda rules.

So, yay, he's in the live-action movie sequel!  And he's some sort of black Cybertronian cat with hip-mounted weaponry.  Not much was lost in translation.  Just, uh, an eye.  Apparently cats on Cybertron don't have much in the way of depth perception. 

In "panther" mode, Ravage has great articulation.  His legs and feet turn every which way, he has a rotational joint in mid-torso, and his tail has some joints in there as well.  His jaw opens, but his head can't turn side to side.  But it's okay!  There's a lever on his back that snaps his head forward, jaws open, and when you yank the lever back, the head returns and the jaw closes.  Oh, and his ears raise and lower.  It is fun as hell to repeat, and it more than makes up for the lack of side-to-side neck movement. 

His altmode, like Scorponok's from the first movie, is not much to write home about.  His "reentry mode" involves him putting his arms in front of his nose and folding his legs under his torso to meet them.  He's basically working out at the gym.  Sure, there's some slight torso-piece shuffling and wing-sprouting, but it doesn't obscure how tame his transformation is.  But that's not what you get this toy for, is it?  Naw, this baby's built for pouncing.  But not waving.  Definitely not waving.  Never waving.