June 14th, 2009


I guess we learned some things about St. Louis?

Shortpacked@TNI: Maybe they'll have those little cups of free expresso shots!
Shortpacked!: Deadbeat daddy.

I'm back from St. Louis!  Maggie and I had an excellent time there with her family, and we were even surprised by some sort of wedding thing that, as a man, I will absolutely not call a shower.  

On Saturday, we took a Segway tour of downtown St. Louis.  As you can imagine, its awesomeness is roughly 95% Riding-A-Segway.  Those things are crazy.  For the first half of the three hour tour (the Segways were all named after characters on Gilligan's Island - I claimed Gilligan) we were stuck in beginners mode.  No faster than 6 miles an hour!  So, of course, you try to cheat that as much as you can.  If you push the grips forward in short bursts, it'll get just past the allowed speed, before it can slow you down.  I think I got up somewhere into the 7s. 

Once we got upgraded to 12mph, Maggie and I began all sorts of macho posturing.  I managed the highest speed at 13.3mph, but she claims she was able to sustain her Segway at 12.9mph, which she says is more impressive because she didn't get the highest number.  Ahahahaha.

Anyway, before the Segway tour, Maggie and I walked around a bit downtown by ourselves, and we took a look inside the historical courthouse where the Dred Scott case was heard.  Sadly, despite all the advances African Americans have made in the years since, as the photo shows, midgets still have to drink from separate fountains.  The battle continues...