June 10th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

He poops Optimus. That's his gimmick.

Shortpacked!: Safe from lightpiped eyes!

Maggie and I are on the road tomorrow to visit her side of the family in St. Louis.  (That's right.  "her side" of "the family."  We're getting married in September, so we might as well start employing the eventual terminology.)

But never fear, 'cuz I have all my comics done through the weekend into Monday.  So there shouldn't be any problems.  I've also taken a few photos ahead of time in case I have Internet and time to post, but no promises! 

To the right is ROTF Stratosphere, which Graham picked up at a local Toys "R" Us.  I thought I'd snap a picture of it while it's around.  This guy is meant to be huge, which is evidenced by the tiiiiiiny little Optimus Prime figure he comes with.  Look at him down there!  He's super small! 

There's a scene in some of the trailers where Prime drives off a ramp from the back of one of these giant aircraft things, and the toy duplicates that.  Rotate his tailfins, and Prime goes sliding down the ramp in vehicle mode.  I'm sure the fact that the aircraft transforms into a robot is made up for the toyline, much like the transforming Sector Seven vehicles (such as Landmine) from the end of the first movie's toyline.

A neat toy!  I'm not getting it, but he's fun enough.  And he's definitely  not one of those frustrating shellformer guys.  His transformation is much more traditional.  Mostly I enjoy the sense of scale.

While I'm on the road, I'm going to be enjoying my advance copy of Goats: Infinite Typewriters.  There will be more in-depth thoughts after I'm able to paw through it, but I think it's safe to say that a preorder of the book is an absolutely sound decision.