June 9th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Voiced by Tom Kenny, apparently.

Shortpacked!: And now we know too much.

Hey!  The Transformers Wiki has a new adspace and a new Twitter feed!  Stick that mud in your eye and smoke it!

(Hrm.  Mixing metaphors again?)

I wasn't planning to get this Skids.  He was sort of an impulse buy.  I was planning on waiting for the him/Mudflap ice cream truck combiner.  How cool is that?  But the green hatchback thing called to me.  And, honestly, I probably would have searched him out after I saw the movie in a few weeks.  He's bound to get lots of screentime in this body, so.

But man, is he an ugly mug!  He's a misshapen, gold-buck-toothed monstrosity.  Well, um, okay.   I can overlook that much if only because everything from the neck down looks pretty good to me.  I like the proportions.  The stumpy legs and big meaty arms is an aesthetic I tend to enjoy.  And his right arm has spring-loaded punchy action!  It's addictive.  (That hand has articulated fingers, too, at the knuckles.) 

I'm not sure what to think about his "Mech Alive" gimmick.  If you push in the Chevy logo on his chest, his torso... somethings.  It's kind of like poking the Pillsbury doughboy, which is a common descriptor for this amongst the toy-collecting fandom.  It's more like a "Mech CPR," if anything. 

If you don't like complex transformations, skip out on this guy.  He's got panels all over the place that don't like to work with each other.  Just getting the roof on his back (which also includes the back end, windshield, and trunk of the vehicle) situated means pushing panels past each other that really don't want to push past each other.  It compacts nicely once you're done, but it's not a fun process. 

Neither is getting him back into car mode.  Oy!

I do appreciate that his robot mode is a chunk smaller than the other Deluxe-class Autobots.  He's a hatchback, and seems to be portrayed as smaller than the rest in the movie itself, so I'm glad that's faithfully represented here.