June 8th, 2009


Ed, Edd, and Eddie!

Shortpacked!: Oooh, dramatic irony! 

So these Sweeps are pretty popular, huh?

Yeah, they sold out fast.  I can see why, though.  They made a relatively small number of them (1000 sets of 3), and were able to sell them for an amazing price ($49).  That's about $16 per deluxe-toy-with-new-head!  Since Deluxes these days are roughly $13, that is seriously a great deal for a limited exclusive.

And it was only possible because they made so damn many of them.  Sure, there were only 1000 sets, but since there were three per set, that's 3000 Sweeps total!  That apparently knocked their manufacturing price down. 

Transformers fans are obviously okay with "army-builders," so long as they're previously-existing ones. 

The three Sweeps are just different enough from Scourge to be worth it, but not so different that they don't look like Sweeps.  In the original cartoon, which is basically the only place the Sweeps appeared, visually, they were just additional Scourges.  So if you're going to make a Sweep toy, you can't get too far off from Scourge himself, but you still have to make them distinguishable enough to make it worth your while.  And so Scourge's blue became teal and his red became yellow. 

The real surprise of the set, for me, was that each of the three Sweeps came with their own individualized bio card.  These guys are "Sweep Two," "Sweep Six," and "Sweep Seven."   Like the Starscream clones in Transformers Animated, each Sweep respresents an aspect of Scourge's personality.  Two is Scourge's brutality, Six is his arrogance, and Seven is his intelligence.  The geekiest thing about this arrangement is that the Sweeps were identified by number in the scripts for the original cartoon.  So Sweep Six and Sweep Seven actually have some established history.  Ah-heh.  

At some point I stopped thinking of these guys as "Sideways with a Scourge head," and started thinking of these guys as actual Scourges.  I'm not sure why that is.  Maybe it was the addition of the Sweeps, I dunno.  This body is pretty distinctive!  It worked for Sideways, it really really worked for Ratbat, but I never really thought it worked for Scourge.  It's not capey enough, though you can cheat it by arranging his wing blades creatively.  And it's not flying-boaty enough, either!  I still think Energon Sharkticon would have made a better one.  Regardless, this incarnation as Scourge has wrestled its way into my brain as a Scourge and not Sideways-with-Scourge's head.  I guess that's for the best, since I paid for this dang thing.

Man, his head's tiny.  Yikes!