June 7th, 2009



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Shortpacked!: Only Joe Kyde will be spared.  Who wants that jerk?

I was really loathe to finally get this Elita One toy.  My dislike of the mold itself has been well-documented, and the character was used in a way that annoyed me in the comic story in which she appeared.  But damn if I don't find these colors attractive.  Yes, it's pink, but it's loud!  And loud BotCon toys don't happen so often.  They're usually trying to be tasteful. 

Plus, hey, she fills two vacancies in my shelf rosters at the same time!  Elita One's toy is terribly efficient like that.  First, she completes the named Female Autobot warriors, seen to the right.  I've got stand-ins for Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar, but this is the first and only toy of their leader.  

Second, she finishes the group of Wreckers-like commandos from the BotCon 2007 story from which this Elita One design originated.  Which was really bad, 'cuz she was the only Autobot in the story who actually did anything.  All of the guys you actually paid for and received that year just stood on the sidelines and watched Elita One do all the work through their binoculars.  So, yeah, it's nice to get the main protagonist from the 2007 story.  (I suppose you could say that Bug Bite was the real protagonist, depending on your point of view, but he isn't very nice and he's a Decepticon and/or Renegade.)

Again, the colors are very striking.  I was looking forward to her a lot!  And then, oh, right, I'm swiftly reminded of how her shellformer transformation restricts most of her potential play value.  The pieces of boat hull she wears on her back reach all the way down to her feet, and if you want to bend her knees or anything and try to stand her up, you have to lean her forward so her feet can reach the ground.   Eeee.  And that cannon of hers is so large it's hard to get her to look natural while holding it. 

Another thing that annoys me is her bio card.  This Elita One was introduced into a continuity, namely the Marvel Comics continuity, in which Transformers explicitly have no gender.  And yet there's this girl running around without explanation.  Finally, two years later, we have a bio card in which we can plug this plothole!  But argh, no.  Most of the bio is dedicated to not telling us how she came to be.  Ha ha ha, only Grimlock knows!  And it's a secret!  That's really obnoxious.  So not only does her bio not tell us anything interesting about her origin, but it wastes the vast majority of it not telling us anything at all.  Kind of like adding insult to injury.

Pretty toy, though!  She really, really stands out on the shelf.  Probably even if she's surrounded by My Little Ponies.  Even those seem less saturated than her various pinks.  I want to lick her, and not in the gross way.  I just think she'd taste like bubble gum.  The outstanding color scheme makes her one of the most memorable of this year's set.