June 5th, 2009

Polyphonic Spree!

Know that he is Razorclaw!

Joyce and Walky!: Priorities!

Usually, there's two souvenir toy add-on sets every year at BotCon.  But this was an anniversary year (25 for Transformers, 15 for BotCon itself) so they had an extra souvenir add-on toy set, featuring two guys they had passed on in conventions past. 

So this is Razorclaw!  Way back in 2006, BotCon did a pre-Beast Wars set with all the Maximals and a few of the Predacons in Cybertronian vehicle forms.  And at the end of the comic, for no coherent reason, the story flashed forward to many years past Beast Machines, when Razorclaw appeared in the body to the right, vowing to return and kill everyone.  Y'know, appropo of nothing. 

For some reason they passed on that in 2006, but he was a popular exclusive idea in the years since, so they threw him into this year's offering.  Just like in his 2006 appearance, Razorclaw is a redeco of the Cybertron Leobreaker toy but with a new noggin.  (This means you can form an arm mode out of him for either Cybertron Optimus Prime or Megatron/Galvatron, if you were so inclined.)   Leobreaker was not a well-liked toy.  It's simple, bricky, and the arm mode really blew, since they budgeted out, well, the fingers.  Me, I never had that much animosity towards it.  I thought he looked okay, thought he had enough articulation to please me, and the simple transformation never bugged me too much. 

So, I'm quite pleased to get this toy in these colors as this character.  Especially in these colors!  How Playskool he is!  Look at him!  He's dayglow orange and red and yellow!  If you slapped these colors on any modern toy, there'd be a riot of fandom eye-rolling, but because this guy used to be a well-loved dude from 1986, it's all right.  The cognitive dissonance is delicious to me.  

Razorclaw must have been aware of how adorable he was, because he compensated for it by frigging shooting humans in the back with real friggin' bullets.  He even made Optimus Prime piss his pants once or twice. 

(Oh,  hey, speaking of adorable things, look at that Robot Heroes Predaking next to him!  That, uh, never made it to North America.  Those have only showed up in Singapore and parts of Europe.  Guess who paid for shipping!)  

My favorite part of the toy, honestly, is the Beast Machines Predacon logo, which was created specifically for this character.  Back when Beast Machines was current, Hasbro dropped the Predacon faction entirely in lieu of Vehicons, so their faction symbol never got a makeover like the Maximal one did.  Until 6 years later, anyway!  So, woo, Beast Machines Predacon logo!  Ultra geeky!  

Another nice touch was the Golden Disk Key he's included with.  It's a translucent one, but it otherwise harkens back to the Cyber Keys that came with the 2006 toy set. 

They made enough of these guys to have left-overs after the convention, so if you want a Razorclaw, keep a look out for him soon at the Collectors' Club Store.