June 3rd, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Stop, drop, and roll!

Shortpacked!: A romantic evening.

(Roomies! Books are scheduled to arrive on my doorstep tomorrow between 10 and 2!  Sweet ass!)

Today was a banner day for everybody's favorite ancient robot on fire, The Fallen.  First I pulled up into a 7-Eleven for gas, where I found the Revenge of the Fallen Slurpee promotion in full swing.  Lenticular cups!  Straw-toppers!  Bumblebee-themed mango/passion fruit flavor!

I came home with a The Fallen straw doodad, a Prime cup, and some Bumblebee Slurpee.  I can still taste the yellow.  
And then at Target, I found some more The Fallens!  Voyager class, aka the $25 pricepoint.  He's friggin' huge in the package, too, barely fitting into it height-wise in robot mode.  

You know me, I jones for The Fallen.  And we're getting a whole damn movie about him, which is fantastic.  It's absolutely surreal to get a major blockbuster film orchestrated around a nobody niche/kitsch character from a forgotten Dreamwave comic.  (And all the crazy peripheral merchandise that follows.)  Is the third Transformers movie going to be about Rorza, the Rocket-cycle Racer from Rigel III?

The toy itself, at least in robot mode, is fantastic.  ...sometimes.  Let me explain.  His proportions, the whole lurch and crackled glow, it's visually amazing.  I love his curved, spined legs.  When you lift him up off the ground, his toes are spring-geared to clump together; when he's placed back down on the ground, they splay out and support him again.  To this end, I like to make him hop up and down. Mech Alive, indeed! 

He's definitely got an Egyptian vibe going, and considering all of the trailer images have him located around the pyramids, that seems suitable.  And he's on fire!  Sort of.  He does still glow like a furnace through his seams, judging by the orange bits painted around his sculpted detail, but the pop-out "fire" panels are angular-shaped, like they're digital entities.  Weird.  I wish they were just normal flames.  If you don't like the flames, they can mostly hide away.  The ones surrounding his head can be tucked into his neck, and the ones on his arms can fold inside.  

Now, here's where it gets strange.  His CGI model from the movie gives him these struts that attach from his ribcage to just below his elbow.  If you want to accurately represent that, you can on this toy.  There's two rubbery bits, one from his torso and one from his arm, that connect in the middle with a knob-in-socket arrangement.  Trouble is, this severely, severely inhibits his arm movement.  You can get a little movement since the parts are rubbery, but it makes me nervous.  I don't want those rubbery bits to tear!  If you want more movement out of his arms, you'll have to leave him mistransformed.  Which, I'm sure, will be fine with most of you, but you should be warned.

His "Cybertronian Destroyer Mode" is nothing to write home about.  Or to a blog about, I guess.  It is what it is.  ... you know, his limbs rearranged like an inner Pretender robot.  He has a cockpit nose that juts out.  That's it! 

Strange though it may seem, this The Fallen and the "other" The Fallen are actually the same dude, if you want to take Hasbro at their word.  The Fallen is one of the "Thirteen Original Transformers," which means he's from the first batch that Primus made all those eons ago.  He's special!  But the Thirteen are "multiversal singularities," meaning that there's only one of him across the entire various Transformers universes.  This guy is apparently the same guy that showed up in Dreamwave!  This is a years-old fictional rule that Hasbro Fiction Czar Forest Lee re-iterated at BotCon this year.  Some guy asked what mirrorverse The Fallen would be like, and Forest Lee responded that there can be no mirrorverse The Fallen, since there's only one Fallen.  There's also only one Vector Prime, Prima, Logos Prime, Nexus Maximus, etc.  So somehow that works out!  I'm sure if the live-action movie brings up any contradictions, comic books will be quick to explain them away.

Graham was thoughtful enough to bring over his Galaxy Force Soundblaster, aka Logos Prime, this evening.  He knew I'd be wanting to take a photo of all the toys of the Thirteen thus far, and I am sadly Galaxy Force Soundblaster-less.  (Well, sorta.  It's an awful toy.  I already have two too many of that mold, and this one's by far the most expensive to acquire!)  

So there you go!  All four of 'em.  Enjoy.