May 31st, 2009

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In which Holger Fath makes a surprise appearance.

Shortpacked!@TNI: He'll be in that line for four hours. 
Shortpacked!: He wasn't enough like 1984.

Last night was BotCon 2009's "Paramount Party."   What this entailed was kept largely secret until everyone actually got there, other than knowing ahead of time that you'd get a free poster.  So at about 7:15, everyone started crowding into buses and were ultimately surprised that the Paramount Party was in fact some sort of party at Paramount.  Gasp! 

(Our bus driver was awesome.)

Tyrese Gibson was there, who was very adept at handling the crowd.  Oh, and Peter Cullen also showed up as a "surprise" guest, and then Tyrese Gibson pretended to be really really excited!  Hugs were had.  And then they kicked Cullen off the stage and went back to Tyrese.  

There were two "Transformers" on the lot.  Ironhide was already there when we'd arrived, but then Ratchet drove up to deliver Tyrese, sirens and flashers and all.  I'm more of a Ratchet guy, so he got about 30 photos while Ironhide got one.  He was a bit smaller than I'd have thought, but basically anything looks small after hanging around a GMC Topkick.  

Oh, and Vince DiCola and Stan Bush were there.  Stan Bush, of course, brought his current bandmembers, which included Holger Fath, everybody's favorite giddy guitarist!  (He's the jammin' dude on the left.  Stan Bush is on the right.)  They played their crowd-pleaser songs, which were basically "Dare," "The Touch," two or three other very similar-sounding songs, and then "Dare" and "The Touch" some more.  There was no escape.

Eventually they lined us up in groups to see a 10-minute clip from Revenge of the Fallen.  The film itself isn't quite done yet, and even the footage seen was noted to be nonfinal.  Michael Bay himself showed up to introduce the footage.  He looks like Michael Bay.  There were some Constructicons and Bumblebee and Sam's parents and Ravage.... and that's all I'll say.

Oh, and there were at least two wedding proposals.  One public-by-default, the other integrated into the stage theatrics. 

One more day of this BotCon thing.


Things you can't buy just yet!

Shortpacked!: It's impossible for me to answer these things without extreme sarcasm.

Though Animated-the-show is over, the toys that would have come out this spring aren't canceled, and will be released eventually.  They were too far along in the design process for them to be just dropped.  Hasbro's gotta get their monetary investment back!  That, and they love us.  We don't know when or where these'll come out, but they definitely will.  Sometime within the next year!