May 29th, 2009



Shortpacked!: There's no shame in loving a beautiful pink girl toy!

Derrick Wyatt agrees: Elita-1 is fabulous!

my god how am i still awake

Today has been spent mostly standing in line!  Woof.  BotCon, like any Disney park, requires the dehumanizing ritual of brain-deadening line-waiting.  Not counting the time spent in line before it actually started flowing into buying-toy-areas, I spent about three hours.  And I started out not far from the front!  I think it was a test of true Transformers fandomness or something. 

But hey, got my stuff!  I'll talk about it later.  Well, non-Elita-1 things. 

I also got to hang out at Entertainment Earth for a little bit.  

And in LA, we eat out at Chinese restaurants for every meal.

Also, LA smells like urine.

But you probably knew or suspected that already.

All right!  Off to finish writing tomorrow's MSTF.  I need sleep!  I have been up for about 24 hours by this point...  And remember, expect a comic tomorrow night unless something goes wrong.  That's right!  Saturday comic!  Hooray!