May 27th, 2009


Dildus Maximus!

Shortpacked!: BotCon 2009 Comics Day One

Woof!  Guess who's on a plane at 7 in the morning?  Guess who's gettin' up at 5 to get on a plane at 7 in the morning?  Eh, I was up at 6 this morning for no reason, so I'll probably manage.  

But it'll be me!  All alone!  BotCon's on the west coast and all my local Transformers buddies are teachers.  And, well, a BotCon on the other side of the continent during late May is not the best time for teachers to take off work.  D'oh well.  I'll try not to have too much fun.

For the past five years, the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club has offered a free toy with a year's subscription.  Each was a component of a combiner, to be completed on the fifth year.  The first year, back in 2005, I got Skyfall!  Then Landquake, then Breakaway, then Topspin...

And finally, we have them all.  Heatwave is here!  He's the torso!  Until he showed up, all I had were some useless arms and legs.  And as promised, the combined robot has a new head.  It seems to be a combination of features from the individual robots.  It's got Skyfall's raccoon-mask eyes, Landquake's chinstrap, Breakaway's forehead crest, Topspin's mohawk, and Heatwave's Princess Leia buns.  The design is amazingly not just a Prime head, so I'm happy.

Heatwave is the first of the five who got characterization in fiction before his toy showed.  He's a heroic Decepticon from the Shattered Glass mirrorverse, and he talks to machines!  He anthropomorphizes them.  (Robotopomorphizes?) Others don't complain too much, because whatever he does, it seems to work.  Due to his ability, he can master just about any technical problem.  Just needs a few minutes to give a talk to the toaster or whatever, is all.

And once he whacked the head off a giant woodchuck.

Skyfall, the first club freebie, had barely any paint.  But Heatwave's got plenty!  They've come a bit since 2005.  And Heatwave's fairly pretty.  He's definitely interesting to look at.  His mold does have some structural problems, though, some possibly caused by being half translucent plastic.  For one, the panel underneath the combiner head... it's not so good!  It likes to snap off.  It can be snapped back on, but it doesn't hold on terribly well.  It's rough to get it fastened in place at both ends in combined mode.  The combined mode head is just a smidge too tall, too, so it keeps you from locking his robot mode backpack together properly.  

Getting the combined robot together, finally, after these five years of getting him sent to me piecemeal, I noticed one thing.  Well, okay, two.  First, shit, my Breakaway's connection joint isn't too great.  Appears to be warped.  Well, it hangs on good enough, I suppose... But really, I'd mostly forgotten how tall these Energon combiners were.  He's an impressively big guy.  Not terribly bulky, but tall.  I decided to arrange his limbs not how they assemble in the instructions, but how the combined robot looked when it was carved into a wall in an earlier comic book story.  Basically, you just swap Breakaway and Landquake.  (It's nice that the instructions actually redrew the new head.  Usually retools just keep the old one there.) 

But man, that name?  Nexus Maximus?  Your Google Fu is weak, Collectors' Club.  Yikes.

Nexus Maximus is one of the original thirteen Transformers, "the Thirteen".  When Primus first started popping Transformers into Cybertron, he started with a baker's dozen, possibly because he knew one would go bad.  Yeah, that's right, Nexus Maximus is, like, the Fallen's brother or something.  I doubt that'll come up in the movie.  But eons ago, Nexus Maximus was split up into his component parts and scattered across the Transformers multiverse.  And finally they can start their reunification! 

Hmm.  I should go put this guy next to my Vector Prime and The Fallen.  Oh, and I need to get a Soundblaster, apparently...