May 26th, 2009

Aww man!

And then there were none.

Shortpacked!: TO BE CONTINUED mwahahahaha

Snkrs's brother Ani passed away this evening.  His was a much less traumatizing death.  He was just getting old.  It'd been getting rougher for him to run in his wheel and get about the cage in the past month.  After Snkrs passed away, it seemed like Ani got old overnight!  It was weird.  But we've been expecting this, somewhat, for a while.  When one cagemate passes, the other tends to go in about a week or so, so we made sure to give Ani lots of attention, and we're grateful for the extra time we had with him.  

He had a pretty good last day, all things considered!  He got to scamper around outside of his cage for a bit, and he got to have some of his favorite food, tofu!  But he spent most of the afternoon sleeping quietly in his cage.  Maggie called to tell me that he had passed while I was headed out to get envelopes for the Transformers Animated print to ship out tomorrow, so I turned around and came back home.

I feel a little better about Ani's passing than Snkrs's.  For one, Ani's last day wasn't nearly as terrible!  There was no surgery yesterday, and he got to do all of his favorite things.  And he's no longer alone.  I think that's what hit me hardest about Snkrs' death.  I worried about Ani.  Well, they're both together in hamster heaven now.  They had a pretty good run. 

(Ani died exactly one month, 30 days, after Snkrs did.  Almost to the hour!  Weird.)

Tomorrow we'll take him to get cremated, and he'll reside in the same box as his brother.  There's even an area on the top reserved for his name.  As Maggie says, they'll "be cuddles forever."  We'll miss them.

This afternoon, Steve-o and I got our Heatwaves from the Transformers Collectors' Club, so I was finally able to combine my Nexus Maximus.  I was gonna talk about his dildoness tonight, but I'll do that tomorrow.  I have one more blog update until BotCon, so that'll hafta do.  Until then, here's a photo of him assembled.