May 25th, 2009


Guess who's flunking out of warrior school?

Shortpacked!: So we're all sufficiently creeped out?

Sorry about the red herring in last Tuesday's strip.  I wanted to throw long-time readers off the trail.

I got a new laptop today!  I'm typing this on it!  To all of you who've responded to the auctions, prints, and subscription sales that have saturated this blog recently, thank you!   I now should be able to update while I am at conventions this summer, starting with BotCon this weekend.  More, uninterrupted content for all!

(There are a few "Robots Cartoonimated" limited prints left from yesterday.  Get 'em while they're hot!)

Yesterday, in between working on strips for this week, I drew some more Transformers fanart.  It's on the left! 

Man, I've always had trouble with Transformer faces. I think it's the nose that gets me in trouble. I can never make it look not like a french fry hanging from the brow. So here I tried something different. I just drew my normal human heads and added a few more details, and I think it works. What's weird is that Ratchet's face is basically Ethan's and Megatron's is basically Joe's, which is something I can't unsee.

Also, some Animated influences. Obviously.