May 24th, 2009



Shortpacked!@TNI: A great place to hide your tears.
Shortpacked!: Maybe that should have been "SHEEAKK!"

The Transformers Wiki is moving to a dedicated server today!  It may be a while before the new DNS stuff settles, so please be patient!  From now on, we have a blog that will update with site issues when the site itself can't.

So Saturday morning, right after Transformers Animated aired "Endgame, Part II," I was inspired and threw together just one more bit of fanart.  The image is a reference to the cover to Marvel The Transformers #4, "The Autobots' Last Stand!" but I think it works even without that knowledge.  (At least, I hope so.)   It's been pretty well-received, so I thought I'd offer it as a print!

For $20, you can have it signed and numbered and shipped anywhere in the world!  (It is numbered because I am only doing 20 of them.  Limited, baby!)  It'll be done all nice-nice quality on cardstock gloss paper (8.5" x 11")  and mailed to you in a reinforced envelope.  You can buy it using the button below, or Paypal to wiigii at hotmail dot com. 
You're also welcome to merely enjoy the image as-is on your screen or use it as wallpaper!  

In hilarious Transformers news, we finally know the name to the huge combiner guy that the Transformers Collectors' Club has been giving us the past five years piece by piece.  It's Nexus Maximus!  Go head.  Google that name.  I dare you.  But not at work.  Or in front of children.