May 20th, 2009

too!, Frenzy wants to read

No, not THAT Sideways. At least, not until fanfiction.

Shortpacked!: It's the thought that counts. 

Attention Roomies! Book 1 preorderers!  I've been talking with my customs broker the past two days.  They expect the books to arrive to them later this week.  These folks are in Chicago, so I dunno how long the books will take to get to me, but they are getting closer!  Because of Murphy's Law, I assume they'll arrive exactly during when I'm gone for BotCon next weekend.  So starting (I'm going to ballpark) the first week of June, I'll be mailing these out.

Man, I dunno what to think about Sideways.  It wasn't until this morning that we even had a good solid idea of what he was supposed to look like, when put up a promo render of him.  His various products don't really agree, and the few-second clip of him in the movie trailer doesn't really help, what with the shrouding darkness.  Looking at the toy and then at the Robot Heroes figurine, these could be two totally separate guys.  One's silver, one's black; one's got wheel-blades on his wrists, one's got one sawblade held in one hand; one's got precarious tiny feetsies, one's got giant clonkers... 

The instructions for the Deluxe class toy aren't quite sure what to make of him either.  They have him standing up on his tippy toes, which is (to reuse a word) precarious, to say the least.  He has no heels.  He just has these tiny, tiny feet.  Your best bet is to bend his shins at an angle so that some weight can rest on his wheels, which seems to be what the engineers were going for anyway, judging by the promo shot of him.  Oh, and the instructions leaves out the part where you fold up these little triangles on the corners of the hood where it meets the windshield. 

Even stranger is that every other Sideways toy in the line gives him this big black stripe down his middle except for the Deluxe.  Did they run out of paint budget on this particular one?  I have to admit, it'd make him stand out better from That Other Deluxe Silver Car In The First Wave.  Perhaps I'll fix that myself.  The area to be painted is outlined on the hood, so I just gotta stay in the lines. 

The transformation is probably the first one I've disliked of the line thus far.  He's a genuine Car Robots-style put-the-shell-back-together conversion style.  There are so many little panels that compose the back two-thirds of the vehicle that you have to get into perfect alignment, all at the same time.  I hate that!  In robot mode, that all bundles up on his back.  

Oh!  Heh, and see those wheels on his wrists?  Those aren't actually the wheels in vehicle mode.  Those are vestigial.  The real front wheels use "Mech Alive" motion to flip under the hood when you push in the grill.  He's got fake wheels on his wrists.  That kind of tickles me.  

So he's basically pretty awkward all around.  It's too bad!  I was looking forward to him for two really superfluous reasons.  One, his name is Sideways.  He's not the same Sideways as all the other Sidewayses, but I'm still emotionally linked to the name.  And two, he's a fake Audi, just like Hot Shot